About us

Welcome to Klassified Ltd

We as a company have a huge passion for cars, especially those with a little more excitement and character.

We specialise in performance, prestige, luxury and estate cars but also cater for people who need their new car to be spacious, economical or just a general upgrade from your current car. We also specialise in detailing so you can have the confidence that our cars are prepared to a very high standard, we treat every car like our own!

We have over 20 year’s experience in car sales for both new and used vehicles. We understand what customers expectations are and how important customer service is and our business is growing off the back of this, see for yourself via our forever growing 5 stars reviews via Autotrader.

Detailing started as a hobby many years ago and is something we really enjoy doing, so we thought, why not give customers cars the love and care they deserve as well as our own! We have a huge amount of high end equipment to do the job right.


So, if you like the look of one of our used vehicles, or you have a car already that needs a real good clean, look no further and get in touch, we hope to hear from you soon.

Klassified Ltd